Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the large time gaps in between posts!

The school semester is coming to a close, so I have been VERY busy lately. Also my nails are still growing back so I feel reduced to just doing just swatches. Believe it or not these are the first swatches I've ever done.

My blog is mainly oriented towards nail designs but since my nails have been all different sizes I've been trying to do other nail related things to compensate for it.  I mean literally eVeRy otHeR nAiL is a diFeReNt SiZe!!!So lately I haven't felt like putting designs on them.

Ironically the one nail that never seems to stay long,  the one that breaks off all the time on my left hand/index finger,  is the longest out of all 10 of my fingernails.

like rEaLlY?? SeRiOuSlY??!

Anyways on to the Polish!

Sally Hansen has released a few new (limited edition?) colors for their Extreme Wear brand line.

Left to Right: Coral Reef, Violet Voltage, Pink Satin (not Satan!), and Golden-I.

Sally Hansen has been very hush-hush in terms of their Extreme Wear product line, so don't expect to hear anything news about their new spring collection anytime soon!

Currently I have all the colors from this collection except for Voltage Violet because at the time I thought it was a re-promoted color that I already had. I finally realized my mistake and snagged Coral Reef although I could have sworn that it was a color I already owned. Sure enough when I went home to compare Coral Reef it to my other colors I realized that both Coral Reef and Voltage Violet are new colors of Sally Hansen's spring collection similar in name to two bottles that I already own called Virtual Violet and Caribbean Coral.

Coral Reef...Caribbean Coral...Virtual Violet...Violet Voltage...can you see my confusion?!

I mean pffffft, what's with the similar naming?! What kind of jedi mind-trick are they trying to perform on my delicate and feeble mind!!!

Right now I have swatches of only  Pink Satin, Coral Reef, and Golden-I to show you, but I will update this very soon to show Voltage Violet.

a deep lilac creme with lovely pink shimmer

Violet Voltage

2 coats. Violet Voltage is a deep lilac creme with lovely pink shimmer.  When I first started painting my nails with this color I was like "WOAH," because the pink shimmer was so much more intense than it looks in the bottle.  But as the polish started to dry it in turn became darker and darker, and lost a lot of its intense pink shimmer.  It's still a very lovely color though! I did notice that I have a color just like it; it's from Sinful Colors Professional brand and its name is Jazmine Jazz.  The formula of this polish ran a little too thick for my taste,  so I just spared myself the frustration and added nail lacquer thinner to thin it out for a smoother application.

Violet Voltage(left) Jasmine Jazz (right).  Jasmine Jazz is the exact same color just more sheer (4 coats needed ) and slightly lighter base color.

Coral Reef

3 coats. This color more red-orange in real life than it appears in the photo.  In other words its more of a salmon pink color.  I've actually been wearing this mani for 2 days (no topcoat!) before I got around to posting a pic of what it looks like, no chipping or peeling, but there was some wear on the tips of my nail so I capped the tips with some more polish then took the photo.  It ran thick in the bottle so I had to thin it out with nail polish thinner >_<  I don't mind doing that with some polishes but it's a pet peeve of mine when I first buy the polish and I have to do it off the bat.  2 coats didn't seem enough, it was still a little streaky, but 3 coats was perfect.  Personally I didn't like the color all that much when I was applying it but it grew on me, and now I kinda like it.  It looks like I have candy on my nails. Now I can't seem to take it off!

a very muted antique-like pink chrome

Pink Satin

Believe it or not but this is just one coat of Pink Satin.  One coat = full coverage with no visible nail line. Wow! It applied a tad streaky and the formula ran thick, but when I first tried it out back in February the formula was not at all thick and the consistency was just what you'd expect a fresh bottle of polish...(or maybe I'm just psycho and its always been like this!)
I guess I will be adding some lacquer thinner to it soon...The color very muted antique-like pink chrome.  Gosh, I can't quite describe it.  It's very pretty and elegant and I have no color like it. It's a very calming color with a je ne sais quoi that can't be put into words. Breath taking! 

But alas it appears that such beauty has gone unnoticed on my nails, although this is a really pretty color, it looks a little boring on my nails. it doesn't match my dark skin tone very well, and would probably look better those of fairer complexion. I even went as far as to try this color on one of my husbands nails when he was asleep (SSSHH that's our secret! he's a heavy sleeper and does not know I do this) and yeah the color does pop on his nails more-so than on mine. It looks more pearl pink on his nails cuz he's white where as on my nails it looks more silver.

note: After adding lacquer thinner the formula improved dramatically, looked less silver on my nails and more pink--YAY!

a gold-chrome sparkle-shimmer polish


2 coats. My FAVOURITE. I really mean it. This is another color where I do not have one quite like it, It's like Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear brand in Celeb city but in Gold...not a bright gold, but almost like a mix between gold and silver with a slight bias toward gold.  It's to die for.  It's a gold-chrome sparkle-shimmer polish that's like wearing crinkle-less foil paper on your nails. And in the sun, your nails will BLIND you............what more can I say! It's more subtle indoors though, but still very pretty.  Like Pink Satin it has this antique feel to it.

Sorry for the insanely thorough post! I take my Sally Hansen's very seriously!  Overall, I think that Sally Hansen is really stepping up their game when it comes to making new colors for their Xtreme Wear line.  These definitely have all the signs of a limited edition release so get em while you still can!


  1. very cute!!!!!!!!!

  2. Are these LE? Never seen them, or maybe I overlooked them. So beautiful!

  3. Hey there!

    Not exactly sure if they are in fact limited edition, but I just assumed so since they released a LTE collection in 2010 (purple gala, purple fiesta, golden child, blue icing, fireberry red, cherry punch, mystic lilac, cosmic blue, concrete) and in 2011 (teeny greeny bikini, time to shine, pumpkin spice, teal-y cool, deep blue sea, pink-y ring, twinkle twinkle, very cherry, set the stage, midnight sky)


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