Saturday, April 14, 2012

design #14

I recently bought a crystal nail file from Dollar Tree

Part of the packaging that comes with the file.

Actually I bought 3 different ones because the first file found its way to the floor (somehow) and my dear sweet husband stepped on it and it broke to bits. The second one I bought I made the mistake and left on the couch and my dear sweet husband sat on it...and broke to bits  >_<

And somewhere between the frustration of filing my nails with half broken pieces of nail file the grit wore right off the dollar file so I couldn't file my nails anymore! That's when I decided to find a higher quality crystal nail file on the interwebz.  I bought one on eBay which claims that it's acid etched so that the grit will never rub off and that they will last forever (forever as long as no one sits, steps, or drops it!)

I've tried the file I got on eBay and I really like it.  And I've tried really hard to wear the grit down on it but it doesn't seem like it will be coming off anytime soon ^_^

But the cheapo crystal file I got is what actually inspired me for today's design. The design on the packaging that the file came in is very pretty and I wanted to recreate in on my nails:

And Here it is with Matte Top Coat

I think it looks a little better matted out.

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear brand in White On and Invisible (Top Coat).  I also used Pure Ice In Free Spiirt and a mixture of Kleancolor in Dark Brown and Cappuccino for the brown design. 

I really liked doing this design! I'm gonna have a hard time taking it off!

That's all for now,


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