Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I've been going Sally Hansen Crazy lately,

I just love the Sally Hansen nail care brand, they just have some awesome nail care products!!!

To me Sally Hansen Products = High quality at an affordable price.

Here's my latest splurge:

(Bottom Left to Top Right)  Sally Hansen brand FineMedium, and Coarse emery boards,  2 Step Ahead Of The Curve sapphire nail file, Treat Your Toes toenail Clipper,  Clip n' Catch fingernail clipper, Hard As Wraps acrylic gel nail hardener, and Insta-Dri 30 second fast drying top coat.

$2 each.  Great quality grit nail files.

Nail Files

These bad boys come in 3 different grits: fine, medium, and coarse.  I must say I love them because even though they are paper/foam based nail files, the grit on these nail files is of very good quality. I noticed that the composition of the grit is very rich and uniform which helps prevent jagged edges when filing, even when using coarsest file.  When it comes to filing down nails quickly the coarse file is the one to use; it happens to be my favorite of the 3.  I have tried all types of files for this before from metal, to crystal, etc...but the crystal files aren't coarse enough and the metal files can leave you with horrendously jagged edges--in fact the best file that I have evarrr used for filing down length is the Sally Hansen Coarse file. It's amazing how much length it files down in just one sweep!

$3 each. Fingernail and Toenail Clippers with compartments that catch clippings until your ready to dispose of them.


They are super heavy duty, which is great, but they can feel a bit bulky.  Especially with the plastic compartments at the bottom of them which is supposed to catch your clippings. I wish I had the option of removing the plastic compartment if I wanted won't come off unless you break it right off, but then you wouldn't be able to put it back on again, if you ever wanted too.  While they still clip very nicely, they just feel a bit feel too cumbersome to use as my main clippers (-__-) Sigh! These are still very high quality clippers for price, though, so I don't really regret buying them.

Curved Nail File

This is by far one of the best nail inventions of the 21st century !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS NAIL FILE.  Why? I sometimes spend hours filing my nails down to be to a perfectly curved shape, but its so frustratingly hard to make them all the same amount of "curviness". At times I end  up with some nails that have more shallow curves and some nails that have more deep curves. Not Cool. But with this nail file, in a mater of seconds, by just sweeping my nail along the curve in one direction, my nails become filed into the perfect shape, every time!  UTTER GENIUS!

I must mention though that there is a "learning curve" (pun intended) to using this nail file, you have to learn to compensate for any unevenness in your nails while filing by applying more pressure to the side of your nail that's longer to ensure that perfect C curved shape. Otherwise you'll end up with a crooked curve.  It's super hard to explain, but once you get used to using it it's awesome. =)

Nail Hardener/TopCoat

So far I'm no too impressed with he Hard As Wraps Acrylic Gel Nail Hardener.  I mean, I've used other nail hardeners before that make my nails feel way way harder.  So I was highly disappointing by this one.

But as for the Insta-Dri Anti-CHip Top Coat? EPIC WIN. I've never used a topcoat quite like this one before, it claims to dry all your layers of polish in 30 seconds. LOL, NO, it just doesn't do that! But, it does do 3 things that I adore!

                      1.) It's indescribably SUPeR SHiNY,
                      2.) The formula is sooo Smoooth that just coats the nail surface perfectly.
                      3.) And if your nail smudges while it dries you can smooth it out perfectly like new.

I don't know of any other topcoats that smooth out like this one does.  And It does dry very quickly. But 30 seconds? Really?! Seriously?!? AHAHAHA. not in 30 seconds! No! Their definition of dry and my definition of dry must be 2 entirely different definitions!!!

**UPDATE** Some people have experienced bubbling with this topcoat, although I haven't experienced this issue personally if you already own this polish I recommend applying your polish in thinner layers and letting the final coat dry some before applying the Insta Dri topcoat.

I was in serious need of some nail care products that would help me better maintain my nails, but I found 2 in particular that sped up the nail filing/shaping process for me dramatically  They are the Sally Hansen Ahead of the Curve nail file and the Sally Hansen Coarse emery board.  Another product that I found to be amazing is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.  It smooths over the nail very well, is extremely shiny and dries quickly. Hope you found my reviews helpful!

Until Next Time


  1. Nice things! Love Sally hansen, also use Hard as Nails, love it!

  2. You got some good nail care products I like the Sally H fast dry top coat is really good


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