Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My current collection of nail polish as of 3/27/2012:

                   Polishes I Own

167 Bottles of      Sinful Colors Professional brand polish
  51 Bottles of      Kleancolor brand polish
  46 Bottles of      Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear brand polish
  25 Bottles of      Pure Ice brand nail polish
  20 Bottles of      LA Colors brand polish 
  13 Bottles of     NYX Girls brand Polish
    7 Bottles of      Nicole by O P I brand polish
    5 Bottles of      Ruby Kisses brand polish
    2 Bottles of      2012 (Cherimoya) brand polish
    1 Bottle  of      Wet n Wild Fast Dry Polish (in Grey's Anatomy)
    1 Bottle  of      Chelly Nail Polish

                  338 Bottles Total

Wow! it took me a while to count but I'm glad I did--now I know the exact number of nail polishes I have :)

Allow me to explain why I have the bottles I have:

Most bottles of polish that I buy are drug store brands because right now I prefer quantity over quality.  They are super cheap and every so often I can buy a bottle here or there and build my collection so that I have a very wide color range. 

I have no Zoya, China Glaze, Essie, Orly or O P I polishes (Not counting the Nicole Polishes by O P I)
 :((((((((  I am hoping to purchase a few of these polishes soon but I can't accumulate them at the rate that I could with the drugstore brands because they are so much more expensive!

I am also desperate to try Nu-F-Oh!, Spa Ritual, Finger Paints, Nails Inc, Julep, Illamasqua, >_<

I can't afford these polishes in mass!!! But I guess over the next 50 years or so I should accumulate a good number of different brands :-)

My favorite brand of Polish as of late is probably Kleancolor because they have so many gorgeous colors for a low low price its insane! I don't know if it is because its made in USA and I live in the USA so it's cheaper, or what, but it is a great brand of polish for the money. I don't really have any problems with the formula goes on great in 2 coats sometimes 3. I know I don't have very many of these polishes but I definitely will be getting tons more in the future.

You would think that Sinful Colors is my favorite because I have more of it but I have a very small complaint about it that I will cover more in depth in another upcoming post.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Brand is just one of my FAVORITE polishes out there. The Xtreme Wear collection doesn't have that many colors (about 40 distinct colors or so) but I own them all with the exception of some discontinued shades  as well as some seasonal limited edition releases[VIP Pink, Lime Lights, Shooting Star, Ocean View etc...] Luckily I was able to find the discontinued shade Emerald City at Dollar Tree recently and I was so happy!

As far as their colors go they are very vibrant and their cremes are very rich.  I think for Valentine's day they came out with 2 new colors Pink Satin and Golden-I and they are SO SO pretty! I went back to buy more of it but it was all sold out at Target in a matter of days. Nobody has really done a post on it so maybe I might do a feature = )

I really like the Nicole Polishes as well, their new patented brush system makes manicures really easy, but I have some older nicole polishes that just have the standard brush which is no big deal. Also I think that the bottles are designed so that when you tilt them you get every last bit of nail polish out from the bottle of the bottle but I'm not too certain on that though. LOVE THEM, MUST GET MORE!!!!

NYX Girls in the square bottles are my favorite also.  Why? They have a very large collection (Over 200 colors) with really really nice colors that are really cheap ($2 a bottle) and they have just the most awesome glitters.  There glitters are just hawt! I want to collect more but haven't gotten around to it, right now I just have a few colors that I like from them.

Pure ICE brand has some really nice colors as well but some to me are way prettier than others so I just collect my favorite ones.  And the names of their colors can get so sexual sometimes which I find to be a little weird. Names like All night Long and Unzip me, Pussycat, Wet T Shirt, In the Mood, Cheating, Kiss me Here, No Means No, and my of course don't forget Nasty Girl.

And O M G I just learned that one of the colors of theirs that I own glows in the dark (Rescue Me) from a website that I got the racy names from

OMG I didn't know that it glew in the dark (You learn something new every day!)

Well I'm going to stop ranting for now, but I'll keep you all updated on my stash as it expands.

Until Then,

P.S. Sorry for the long post I didn't realize how much I could say about Nail Polish! I'll most likely break up this post into shorter posts because it is an eye sore to read!


  1. Hey,I tagged you on my blog in a "Get To Know You" Tag! When you have time,check it out!


  2. OMG !!!! Those are amazing!!! I'm dying to have that kind of collection *_*

  3. OMG hahaha I thought I had a good collection. WOW!

  4. gorgeous collection *.*
    i only need a rack like yours ;-D


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