Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today I'm doing finger swatches of the 6 new Color Show polishes for Fall 2012.

Color Show is a brand of nail polish that was released earlier this year by Maybelline New York. Although they premiered with 40 shades, they're already introducing 6 new shades.  I'm glad to see that they're already coming out with some on trend colors for fall, because I absolutely love new colors! Who doesn't!

Metal Icon

1 coat. It applied so well in one coat that I didn't even opt for a second. It's a metallic bronze with gold and grey shimmer. While the muted brown beneath makes for a very subtle shade, it also has sparkly elements of flair up top.  It's milky, its bronzy, it's lovely.

Auburn Ablaze

2 coats. I really like this brown. Its a very rich auburn, dare I say wine colored brown.  It's a color that is very appropriate for the fall.  It applied evenly in two coats.

a very sheer dark gray with light pink/golden shimmer subtle shift to green

Cosmo Pink

3coats. I adore this color, it's subtle, soft and sweet; it speaks to the softer side of my personality. Unfortunately this photo does not do this color justice!  While the camera captures all the golden shimmer it fails to portray any of the pink shimmer nor any its grey-green base. The color can apply a bit streaky like most shimmery sheers tend to do but the formula is great. I might use this as a topcoat and see how it does.

A red-brown base with obvious green shimmer.

Downtown Brown

2 coats. The green shimmer in this polish is very noticable. Sometimes I'm looking at a green and sometimes I'm looking at a brown. At first I didn't care much for the color, but now I must say that it's grown on me!

Metallic Green with Gold Shimmer

Avant Green

3 coats.  Started off sheer on the first coat, and got streaky on the second, so for me a third coat was needed. Thought that it would have been a bit darker on the nail than it was but it's still very nice. I like how refined the metallic shimmer is on this one, it was also very well mixed and didn't run thick. Very high quality.

a metallic bronze/gold/green gold shimmer polish

Boho Gold 

2 coats. Make no mistake, this is a gold polish! The green-blue duo chrome effect is too subtle to admire in this polish, which was disappointing because it looks so dramatic in the bottle. But I still enjoy how fiery it is in the center; a kind of copper shade, which then fades out into a gold, which then fades out into a dark gold.

Hope You Enjoyed!


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