Sunday, August 26, 2012

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As you may or may not know I am a Sinful Colors fanatic.  SC is among my favorite brands of polish.  I currently own 200+ bottles which is just Sinful (pun intended).  I can remember when I first walked into Walgreens in search of polish deals back in spring 2010 and was surprised to find a large display of all the pretty Sinful's that were just $2.00 each.  So I bought 10 (or so) took them home quickly realizing I needed moorrrreee! Every time there was a .99 cent sale I'd clean house.  And Cherry Culture is currently having a super sale on most of their polishes including SC which are now $1.25. Needless to say I filled up my bag!!!

And on my last visit to Walgreens, I stumbled upon some new sinful colors just in time for the fall!

But Lets Start With These:

(Left to Right) 966-Cassablanca, 1055-Slate, 1062-Leap Flog, 1053-Rainstorm, 961-Fig.

These were released for the summer, but they look more like fall colors so I waited a bit to put these up. I've read somewhere that the only 2 truly new colors are Rainstorm and Leap Flog (flog=frog=a very sad typo that wasn't caught before print production of the labels!) the other three are re-promoted shades that they brought back, so I'm really glad to finally own the other three shades.  I like when they re-promote colors that were once limited edition rather than re-promoting colors in their core line!!! Tired of running to Walgreen's when a new display is up, only to find that all of the colors are merely re-promotes. >_<

But These Weren't The Only SC's I Found:

(Left to Right) 980-Georgio, 1064-Clear Coat, 957-Cross My Heart

Georgio and Cross My Heart have probably been around a while but the Clear Coat must be new. Isn't it strange that SC decided to come out with a clear coat now? Dunno, but they do have other topcoats available so it's not a big deal.

Last But Not Least:

(Left to Right) 1147-Heavy Metal, 1151-Zincing of You, 1148-Super Nova, 1149-Moss Have, 1150-Hot Wired,
1152-Precious Metal, 1146-Gone Platinum, 1145-Hot Hot Heat.

All 8 of these hot metallic shades happen to be new! Not much to say about them now, since I haven't tried them on yet, but what I can say is that they all look gorgeous. n_n

See one you like?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Were the top ones from the 'Enchanted' display? At least, I think that was what it was called. I was in a hurry, so I passed it by quickly, but wanted to go back and see what the colors were.

    1. Hi There!

      Sorry for the late response! My local Walgreen's didn't have that particular display last time I was there but they probably do now. Your right! Rainstorm and Leap Flog are part of the Enchanted/Muse collection. Not quite sure why they decided to rename the collection but check it out here for more info:

      Happy painting!



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