Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen's nail growth Miracle Serum today at CVS.

There is a new CVS right up the street and my husband and I love going there because it's the closest store to us. A lot of times it spits out coupons for $5 off on certain items.  I especially love when I buy makeup and it knows what I bought and gives coupons for future makeup related purchases...And every once in a while they have really good deals on soft drinks. (It's where I get my Vitamin Water also) ^_^

Now, this isn't my first time using this product, I actually ran out of my last bottle so this is a replacement. This stuff WORKS great!  It does just what it says it will do--grows your nails...FAST. Faster than nail growth polish/hardener.  But sadly it doesn't grow your nails at the speed of light so you do have to be a little patient with it. ^_^

I use this primarily to grow back a broken or chipped nail so it can be the same length as the other nails, without having to cut or file down my other nails.

Came in this nifty holographic packaging.

Really loving the gold bottle.

This product comes with a convenient dropper top.


AFTER: Day 17

Lots of Growth.  I didn't use it for the full 2 weeks though >_<  so this is  really results for about a week and a half  >_<.  I'd been really busy lately with other things, and I kept forgetting that I had to do this for my blog.  I have gotten a lot of growth in just over a week using it though, my nails grew nearly twice as fast than if I hadn't used the serum.  And some reason I have gotten a ton more growth on my middle finger. In the before pic you can see that it's only a little longer than my ring finger but in the after pic its a lot longer than it. I don't know why that is! 

Now it might not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me. I notice a difference after 2 days of using it.  In fact, I haven't even been using this product every day, just maybe 3 days in a row, and it just makes my nails grow like crazy.  I used to have this problem to where my thumb nails would grow super slow in comparison to my other fingernails but after using this product just a few times here and there my thumbnails grew long like a scary mutant's nails.  This stuff is truly amazing!

I even used it once my pinky-toenails, and I mean, my pinky-toenails never grow...And guess what?! They grew longer than all the others, to the point that I had to cut them down!  I decided that I will take before and after pictures of my bare nails to show you teh proof of just how quickly they can grow in just 14 days!!!

It also claims that it instantly softens cuticles miraculously making them smoother and softer. It does hydrate them, but I haven't paid  much attention to notice a long term improvement in my cuticles, primarily because I don't really have a cuticle problem.  My cuticles tend to stay moist and well lubricated, probably because I have naturally oily skin or something like that. 

PROS:  -No odor, Works (not a gimmick)
              -Readily Available (can be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens...)

CONS: -Ingredients list looks questionable, what in the world is  CYMBOPOGON SHOENTHUS? 
                            (I hope all of these ingredients are safe to use on the nails and skin.)  
             -A little on the pricey side (about $10)

BOTTOM LINE: If you wan't to grow your nails FAST get this product!

As of now, I have a lot of nail related products to review, and as I find time I will post on them ^_^

Until next time,


  1. Curious to see some photos of the results!

  2. I'll be sure to keep you updated =)


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