Thursday, August 4, 2011

design # 10

The weather has been terrible lately.  I'm talking thunderstorm after thunderstorm, which has inspired today's murky manicure:

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet CementCeleb City, and InvisibleI also used nail tape that I purchased online to help make the stripes

It didn't come out exactly how I wanted; I was too impatient today and tried to rush the silver stripes over my already wet nails which always leads to disaster. But I'll definitely be trying stripes again with a different color scheme ;-)


My husband was caught in one of those terrible thunderstorms that we've been having lately.  He told me that while he was driving home he saw 10 bolts of lightning strike simultaneously, and lightening struck right before him as he was stopped at a stop sign.  He then parked his car at the nearest location (the movie theater) and ran for cover. There he watched in awe as the lightning continuously struck and scattered all over the road. Thank God he's ok!

That's all for now stay tuned for more!


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